Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ooh yeah baby, you took me to heaven

"The sailor is in town," he says bluntly, blatant staring, eyes grasping my tank tops unconcealed tits, barely veiling my prowling star sparkle pierced nipples.

"Oh, yeah baby, is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?," softly whisper, low-pitched, skillful surrendering to the testosterone adonis, unknowingly quoting Mae West while first gently stroking, than fondling, in amazement, his jeans pants covered huge knob. 

"Oh, yeah baby, you will take me to heaven, for sure, won't you?" 

He's already responding, sliding his hands up my short black laced leader skirt, snooping and finding the bold, naked, fat prowling pussy lips, dripping of lust.

"Sorry, honey, I forgot to wear my slip."I say. "Auggh," I squeak silently, grabbing on his shoulders, burying my head in his neck. His right middle finger slipped, wandering down the cleft, finding my sweat precious diamond glister. "Auggh," squeaking again, now biting his neck, gasping and capitulating. His finger now trusting, tunneling his way in my slippery cave.

Unexpectedly surprised by my indulging attitude, he surrenders. Follows me behind the wast container in the back alley, lowering his pants, paying. 

I spurt off. Leaving his ludicrous erect dangling spear shouting and screaming, astonished. Fucked by a dame! 

Popping the needle in my vain, chasing the dragon. My final thought on my mind was for him: "Ooh, yeah baby, you took me to heaven."

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