Monday, November 9, 2015

A real coffee

"Get the fuck out of my fucking chair before I kick your fucking ass, you fucker!" I screamed. He gets up, startled, noticing the staff, smiles nervously at me. 

"What's happening here?" The staff member yells. 

"He wants to kill me," the dude says. 
"John, we've warned you before, stop that," the staff-member says.

I just grin, showing my teeth. They go away. All I want; sleep, have been up for four days, I guess, not knowing for sure. But first I need some coffee. Of course, the damn thing is empty. 

Fuck it! Okay, filling the cup half-full of sugar and a fourth of cream... adding boiling hot water, until I spill. "Goddamned, fricking hot," stirring, slurping... "Goddamned, burned my tong."

"John, you're going into the logbook, I've warned you enough."

I'm already asleep on the chairs, warn-out from the bender. 

"John, get up." Apparently three staff-members have been standing over me for the last half an hour, shouting and yelling, not been able to wake me up for dinner. "Out you go!"

Tired, wearily and washed-out, stumbling out, onto the pavement, under the bridge, falling down, sleep.

"Fuck, why me." Waking up, realizing, my shoes got stolen. Pissed all over my pants, apparently, the moon lighting my path, back to the shelter. "Can I take a shower, do you have shoes for me, can I stay for a couple of days? I must have blacked-out, someone stole all my belongings, god damned."

"No John, you have to wait until the morning shift. Somebody wants to talk to you."

Fall asleep in front of the shelter. 

"Hey, John, get up, you're not allowed in the shelter for a couple of days, you misbehaved!" 

"God damned, fucking bastard, you tell me now, after letting me sleep outside the whole fucking time, in this bloody weather, you mother fucking asshole. Don't you see I reek of piss, I need help, right now!" 
"Here John, your belongings you left in the shelter, now go on," he says, giving me my working tools.

"Bang, cling, dang" the computer goes first. "Arrg," I scream, totally loosing it, waving the toolbox hammer, striking at everything within hammer-reach. Accurately taking out, two computers, phone and elevator-buttons. "Yes, now yo must help me, FUCKERS!"

The police drags my ass out, warning me not to go back to the shelter. I wonder how they got here so fast?     

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