Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Born to die

Being born, a smudge appears, 
sudden, out of nowhere

like white sheets been slept in only ones
never to been clean again

Being born, the speck seems to grow
only death can take away

life becomes a struggle
fighting other men
battling other women

life becomes a struggle
getting rid of that fleck 

just to notice I'm only smearing
making more blur
feeling more smart

creating more pain and suffering
than I ever could bare

Walking my path in the darkness
Joint by the many
not knowing me
numbing the soul

Death only comes 
the body caving in
because of the coward I am
unable to take my own
claiming my soul

Death only comes
the spirit flexing in
until it snaps
an old oak 
fighting the hurricane 
of human damnation

taking me with it
just born to die

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