Friday, November 6, 2015

The checklist

"I said to the wife she could take a few days to calm down. Well, she changed the locks. I can't get in, so can I stay in the shelter for a few days?" 

I said to the staff, thinking: "you fucking bitch, fuck you, you mother fucking witch, I'll get you, you fucking BITCH." You don't fucking lock me fucking outside, throwing my fucking boots down the fucking stairs, YOU FUCK. I'll show you..."

Step one: checking in shelter - check, got myself thirty days.
Step two: find crack - check, easy just a few blocks from the
shelter, still the same guy waiting for clients.
Step three: meeting old friends for the journey - check, playtime
Step four: need a fuck - check, always a chick in the shelter that needs money for booze 
step five: go to work - uncheck, my fucking colleges made a video of me drinking on the job, gave it to the boss and posted it on youtube.
step six: find crack - check, still same place
step seven: need fuck - check, chick still in shelter
step eight: find crack - check, 
step nine: need fuck - check
step ten: find money - check, loan from dude
step eleven: find crack - check
step twelve: find fuck - check
step thirteen: find money - check
step fourteen: find crack - check

Four days later: need sleep and food. Shit, they threw me out of the shelter and lost 4,734CAD on the bender. Fall asleep on the shelter-steps, until the cops take me away.

Why do bad things always happen to me, maybe you know?

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