Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vancouver Homelessness!

"Yes, let's stop tracking how many people are turned away from homeless-shelters in Vancouver. That will help a lot, would't it?"

I got mad, reading this, and if you don't want to read what I wrote about it, just scroll down to the sentence: fuck the statistics; Or just read it all, you're choice, isn't it?

Delete the statistic, delete the problem!

Population of Vancouver: 603,500 (source: Wikipedia)

Last march count: 1,746 homeless people (source: Vancouver Metro)

Winters opening: 170 beds for the winter (source: Vancouver Metro)

Thus, 0,29% of our population is homeless having access to 170 beds.

And, this is believed to be enough?

You make the count, you have to be a politician to believe that the count makes any sense and that we as society are doing great, shouldn't you?

Fuck the statistics. Just go downtown and look around, will you. There are more homeless people than you remember family-members having cancer. AND YOU KNOW IT!

Don't fuck the statistics. Go and sit near a front desk of a shelter. Every average day more than 178 people call in for an emergency bed. AND I KNOW IT!

It's in everyones interest to care for the homeless. Why? That's where the money is made. 

What do you mean? 

Well, I'm talking about innovators and leaders.

The only reason these masters of life don't fade out in poverty is because they get it right in the beginning of their life (only 10% of them do), their family picks them up when they fall again and again or they keep trying, even when homeless.

Creativity is the single most looked after skill in our society. Well, creativity thrives upon vulnerability (source: BrenĂ© Brown). So, no vulnerability, no creativity and no innovation or leadership. 


Virtually every entrepreneur goes bankrupt three times, in his or her lifetime, before hitting that big idea that makes a fortune. Yes, FIRST, they will join the homelessness list.

Real leaders also get born twice. You can take this literally. They get so fucked up (read: messed up, will you) by their own interpretation of what their life should be about that they, FIRST, join the homelessness list.

So, they go, become homeless. They go, learn to live while carrying death in their left back pocket. They go, learn to live in the now. They go, learn to embrace vulnerability. 

Only, only than, they will thrive on creativity, only than, they will be flawless as masters!

Imagine, so many of todays innovators and leaders were homeless and could have died if not for yours and communities care.

Well, today they die in the streets of Vancouver! 

I ask you: "Where does our society goes without innovators and leaders?"

Down the drain, that's a guarantee. Isn't it?

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